Snow Leopards, Eastern Tibet and the Unexplored.

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Snow Leopards, Eastern Tibet and the Unexplored.

I had the privilege of traveling to Central China this October on an expedition to seek out snow leopards in the mountains of Central China. In addition to the Qinhai Lake area were we spent time acclimatizing, we then visited the vast Three-River Source National Nature Reserve (Sanjiangyuan). As the name of the park implies, this is the source of Asia’s three great rivers, the Yangtze, the Yellow and the Mekong. I have been to few places more beautiful and full of life, where the ecosystem is entirely intact, from the smallest Pika to the largest of predators (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Brown Bear, & Wolf). Unlike here in the Alps, every hillside features large herds of game animals, from deer and gazelle to Snow Leopard’s favorite food, Blue Sheep.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Qinghai Lake and The Valley of the Cats.

Because we viewed the snow leopards from extremely long distance, I will have to rely on my digiscoping colleagues for photos of the snow leopards. Stay tuned.

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