The Official Wedding Homepage of Manu and Rick

The Official Wedding Homepage of Manu and Rick

We are both very excited that you are considering coming to our wedding. We would ask you to please let us know if you are coming by March 1, so that we can plan where you should stay during the four days of activities just before, during and after the wedding (July 2-4). We hope you can make it!

Note: There are still a few things to plan, for example we are still deciding where guests should stay on the evening of the wedding and where we will have the post-wedding brunch. So please check back, as we will update this space as things become (more) finalized.

Getting from there to here
To make planning your trip easier, we have prepared some information about traveling to, in, and around Innsbruck as well as the schedule of events taking place in early July. For your information, the wedding shall take place just east of Innsbruck in the historical former capital of Tyrol called Hall in Tirol. The party will take place in Absam, just above Hall in Tirol, and we will organize the ins and outs of getting everyone where they need to be.

(please note that  you may have to click the British or American flag at any of the links below for English)

Schedule Overview

Thursday, July 2
We recommend arrival in Innsbruck on this day at the latest.

Friday, July 3

The Courthouse in Hall in Tirol.

The Courthouse in Hall in Tirol.

Ceremony 11:30, Courthouse Hall in Tirol (Stadtamt Standesamt, Hall in Tirol)

Party, 16:00, Bogner Aste in Absam. The Bogner Aste is an old traditional guest house, click here to visit their website (German only.)

Saturday, July 4
10AM. Brunch. We are making plans currently to have a brunch the morning after the wedding. Check back for more details as we are still finalizing this.

Sunday, July 5
Hike or cable car to a guest house, swimming at a mountain lake, a bbq, or whatever the weather permits!


How do I contact Manu and/or Rick?
Please send us an email at the Our phone numbers are available in the header picture above.

What should I pack for Austria in July?
Difficult! Weather in the mountains is unpredictable. It could be glorious (27C, 80F) or it could be rainy (16C, 60F) or anything in between. The days are very long this time of year and with a little luck, the weather will be great for the party.

Do I need a car?
Everything can be reached with public transport or with a taxi. We will arrange for a shuttle to the most important functions.

Where should I stay?
On the night of the wedding, we recommend staying near Absam above Hall in Tirol. We will recommend hotels and we can help with the reservation.

For the rest of the stay, we recommend staying in the nearby Stubai Valley where there is much to do and the small towns are right in the mountains. Stubai has the advantage of being close to everything that makes visiting the mountains great.

Where and when? 

Imagine this place but with more green and less white!

Imagine this place but with more green and less white!

The ceremony will take place Friday, July 3 at 11:30 old courthouse in Hall in Tirol. Hall in Tirol is the next town over from Innsbruck and has a large historical old town. The party will take place later in the evening at the Bogner Aste, a private guest house located in Absam, not far from Hall in Tirol.

How do I get to Innsbruck?
It is possible to fly directly in and out of Innsbruck, the smallest and most convenient airport ever. But flight prices being what they are, it is more realistic to fly in and out of Munich and then to travel to Innsbruck by train, bus, shared airport taxi (a very good value), or by driving your own rental vehicle.


One last thing
Please do let us know us know as soon as you can about your plans (March 1 at the latest). We are so excited to welcome you in Austria and we are looking forward to sharing a wonderful weekend with you.

–Manu and Rick

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