Yushu Storefronts by Night

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Yushu Storefronts by Night

With the trip in Central China winding down and visions of snow leopard dancing through my mind, I walked the streets of Yushu thinking about the valley we left behind and the changes that were coming for the people who lived there.

Not pictured in this photo gallery of street life and storefronts is an image I will never forgive myself for not capturing. It is of a dentists chair separated from the hustle and bustle of the street beyond by a thin pane of glass. Just beyond a hygienist performed a teeth cleaning on a monk in red robes.

Kicking myself for not having my camera ready, I set out into the night with Dale to see if the dentist was still open. It turned out to be closed but the picture I didn’t take inspired us to capture scenes of urban life in Tibet’s second largest city.

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